Are you remodeling your kitchen and don’t know what to do with those old kitchen cabinets? Have you considered using Habitat for Humanity ReStore’s deconstruction services?

Our Deconstruction Team can carefully salvage your cabinets for reuse and resale in our ReStore. Deconstruction offsets removal costs, conserves landfill space and supports our mission to build affordable housing.

Deconstruction service is free of charge and your donation is tax deductible!


●      Call the ReStore at 615-230-3032 and ask to speak with a Deconstruction Specialist to discuss the specifics of what you would like to donate.

●      A Deconstruction Specialist will arrange to review the project and set a date to remove or pick up your cabinets.

●      The Deconstruction Team will carefully remove the cabinets and provide you with a tax deductible donation receipt.

●      The Deconstruction Team will take your donated cabinets to the ReStore to be sold and reused. Proceeds from the sale build more affordable housing in Sumner County.