At the center of the Together We Build Comprehensive Plan is a very special name familiar to everyone at our Sumner County Affiliate.  It is the name of the cul-de-sac neighborhood being developed – Pafford Place – which honors a very humble, loving, caring, and hard-working couple named Robbie and Gordon Pafford.  Robbie and Gordon Pafford are long-time Habitat volunteers, having dedicated abundant time and effort in numerous capacities over the years including serving on the Family Selection Committee to meet with and interview prospective partner families.   

The Pafford Place cul-de-sac neighborhood will provide at least 10 lots when fully built out for new homes.  Due to the scarcity of affordable lots for Habitat’s home-building program in Sumner County, Pafford Place is imperative in achieving our new home plans.  Pafford Place encompasses three-acres of property donated to HFHSC 11 years ago. To date, Habitat homes have been built on four road-front lots on front of this property. One road-front lot was purposefully left vacant to access the remaining three acres for a new cul-de-sac of new homes.

Gallatin and Sumner County will benefit from Pafford Place in the years to come as the property helps revitalize an under-served area of the community. 

Both financial and in-kind donations will be needed for the development of Pafford Place with an infrastructure budget estimated at $300,000.


Robbie and Gordon Pafford