Lexxus and her children will move into their new home in the summer of 2019.

Lexxus and her children will move into their new home in the summer of 2019.

Because HFHSC serves the residents and employees of Sumner County, applicants must have lived in Sumner County for at least six months prior or have lived in Macon or Trousdale Counties while having worked in Sumner County for at least 12 months prior to applying. For information on Habitat for Humanity affiliates in other areas, please visit

Partner Families are selected by a homeowner selection committee based on three criteria: need for adequate housing, ability to pay, and willingness to partner.


Families must have a need for adequate housing, which could mean they are living in a dwelling that lacks proper plumbing or wiring, has structural problems, or is in a state of disrepair. It could also mean that living conditions are overcrowded or that rent is a cost burden according to HUD guidelines. Approved applicants must also be a first-time home buyer, which is defined as not having owned a home in the last three years.


●      Families must have a stable income, which can include employment, social security, pension, disability income, worker’s compensation, alimony and reliable child support. Eligible applicants earn between 30 to 60 percent of the Nashville Metro Median Income as determined by the latest HUD data. We consider the income of all adults (18 or older) living in the household.

●      Applicants must have verifiable employment history and provide documentation of the past two years of annual household income. Applicants are not selected if they can obtain financing by conventional means.

●      Eligible applicants must be able to meet applicable debt to income requirements for both mortgage and overall debt payment.

●      Eligible applicants must have the ability to pay off any collections, judgements, or charged off accounts within a specified time frame prior to commencement of construction on their home.

●      Any related Chapter 13 bankruptcies must have been discharged at least 12 months prior to application; Chapter 7 bankruptcies must have been discharged at least 24 months prior to application.


Partner Families are required to earn “sweat equity” hours by attending mandatory homebuyer education classes, volunteering at the Habitat ReStore or other approved non-profit organizations, working on the homes of other families in the program, or working on their own home. The number of hours is based upon the number of adult family members to be living in the home; each adult member of the Partner Family is responsible for 200 sweat equity hours (up to a total of 400 hours). Applicants must complete at least 50 percent of the sweat equity hours themselves; accommodations/exceptions can be made for applicants with disabilities.


Partner Families must be willing to accept the location and design of homes currently available. Contact our administrative offices at 615-452-9606 for more information on our current and future builds.

We accept applications year-round. Applications are available online and at the Habitat for Humanity Administrative Offices and ReStore located at 327 Sumner Hall Drive, Gallatin, TN. Applications must be filled out in their entirety and returned to our office by fax, mail, or in person, and must be accompanied by supporting information listed on the back of the application. For more information, please contact Family Services Coordinator Lisa Adkison at 615.452.9606.


Potential homeowners must:

●      Have lived in Sumner County (for at least six months prior to application) or have lived in Macon or Trousdale Counties and have been employed in Sumner County for at least twelve months prior to application.

●      Demonstrate a commitment to a drug and violence free environment

●      Have a steady, reliable income to pay the mortgage and maintain the home

●      Successfully complete the mandatory home buyer education classes

●      Successfully complete “sweat equity” requirements

●      Be able to contribute $1,500 toward closing costs